Who are ShowMeGod

Their emblem is ShowMeGod, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection ... They are therefore Life, and Love

Formed in 2014 in Phoenix, AZ, ShowMeGod is more than just five people on stage with instruments, it is a Monster Show of sadistic proportions. Like a poisoned stew of Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie, ShowMeGod features elaborate stage props, pulsing audio and video effects, Hollywood-quality masks and costumes, depraved dancers, delirious devils, buckets of blood, and HORROR!

With brain-bashing songs like “Nazis Vs. Strippers” (now an eye-popping music video directed by Grammy-nominee Larry Elyea), “Get Your Creep On,” and “Pom-Pom Girls of Horror High,” ShowMeGod's high-octane Halloween party is a 24-hour rave to the grave, 365 days a year. Every concert is a costume party, and YOU can join the slithering crowd of monsters in makeup as the band tours in support of their first LP, titled “Songs of Heartache, Rebellion, and the Loss of God,” dropping in 2017.

It's a Creep Show. It's a Demon Dance. It's THE GREATEST INDUSTRIAL HEAVY METAL HORROR SHOW in the world. It's ShowMeGod. You have been warned.


Lead Vocals and General Distaste for Human Kind

Candied Christ, who let these fuckers write their own bios? It's like a fuckin' monkey with a nail in its head tried to piss its name on a wall and these fart-garglers came along and took turns transcribing it. This bio page should come with a free shot of vodka to unscramble your brain afterward (excuse me, Flesh Box, I meant “your'e,” you fucking empty bag). Anyway, my nachos are done. Gonna binge watch the new Gilmore Girls. Fuck you.


Earth Rattling Bass and Vocals

Cunning, baffling, commander of chaos. Influenced from a young age by farcical plans for vice and sin, gone wonderfully astray. His true motivations remain a mystery. He invites you in but don't plan to leave... you won't. X-Eyes plays bass in the band ShowMeGod... he's there to bring the low end to your low end and it's gonna feel real nice. Ya know?


Vocals from Another World

A beautiful disaster and watcher of all that is baneful and all that are depraved. She uses her powers to lead the damned, all the while making it known that she is the luminary. She brings you in with her welcoming vocals and inprisons you in her world of all that is rock, depravity and a loss of god. There is no family... ShowMeGod is your new family.


Mind Bending Guitars and Vocals

After centuries hiding in the shadows, bringing chaos and mischief to the people of the world, he is no longer content to stay hidden. He's out of the shadows, bringin' his own brand of chaos to the stage and the world. Destruction and new life in a world of broken down structures, physically and mentally. You don't know where you are but you're surrounded by the screaming guitar... you are here now and this is your home.


Earth Destroying Drums From Hell

Devoted to the art of suffering. She's a rare combination of intimidation and cult like manipulation. Her pain is contingent on self infliction. Sweet nightmares!! Pounding and pounding never ends... tribal, ear bleeding and still sexy. Mandy Morgue is your master, it's time to bow down.


Guitars of Death and Vocals of Doom

A human prison for his psychotic condition. Your soul is not the only thing you'll be a missing, he'll eat you're body in addition and wear your face while committing hainous crimes in your image. Oh, what a delicious death moan. Flesh Box is the ultimate in depravity... he is your family now. Get on the ride and NEVER LEAVE!!