We are ShowMegod

..and we play rock and roll

Welcome to the Greatest Industrial Heavy Metal Horror Show in the World!!!!! We feature the worst of Halloween 365 days a year. An extraordinary theatrical production. Twentieth Century Creeps, "SHOWMGOD" Songs of heartache, Rebellion and the Loss of God features elaborate stage props, audio and video digital sound effects, Hollywood quality costumes, makeup and much much more. It takes an elite team of zombie like musicians, dancers, cheerleaders, nurses and demonic performers that compose SHOWMEGOD. SICK! TWISTED! CAPTIVATING!

If you like HORROR! I mean real HORROR! This is a show worth seeing. SHOWMEGOD is unapologetic in its  offensiveness and blood-spattered gore. The ultimate in Horror!!! The artwork is amazing and cannot be described in words. Our audiences will see a new form of TWISTED SADISTIC ART! We invite all to come in costume and makeup. The show will be one BIG HORROR PARTY!! A rave to the grave. Not just 5 guys with instruments on a stage but a new breed of Theatrical Shock RocK. Our twisted amalgam of terrifying tales is unlike anything that has ever been witnessed in a live show before.  From the invincible to the vulnerable, the beautiful and the brave. SHOWMEGOD delivers the total package to your front door and says "Fuck You" when you sign for it.

ShowMeGod's high-octane songs and brain-bashing videos like “Nazis Vs. Strippers,” "Macabre Dance," and "Dirty Daddy," (now eye-popping music videos directed by Grammy-nominee Larry Elyea), “Get Your Creep On,” “Pom-Pom Girls of Horror High,” “Porn Horror,” and many others, Prepare to be offended. 


Lead Vocals and General Distaste for Human Kind

A sorcerer who has been possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and Annunaki overlord, whose sole purpose is enslave mankind & form a one world order.


Earth Rattling Bass and Vocals

X- Eyes...cunning, baffling, commander of chaos. Influenced from a young age by farcical plans for vice and sin, gone wonderfully astray. An Incredible Battle is RAGING from the inside. He took everything and everyone he wanted. His true motivations remain a mystery. WHERE THE SPOOKSHOW ENDS AND HELL BEGINS!!!!


Drums from Hell

A deranged experiment breeds a demented Monster... He is the sugar spill on the counter that draws the roaches. More Destructive!!! More Terrifying!!! More Sinister!!! No one is ever the same from His Strange Horror that Threatens the World. BING! BANG! BOOM! Spookys in the Room. Lets start the Show.....

Donte El Diablo aka Mr D.E.D.

Death Gripping Vocals

The Devils favorite son. Rising from the Depths of Hell to Thrill and Conquer with a sensation to startling to describe...Men fear him The Women want to be near him... Beware girls! This is the one your mother always Warned you about.


Deadly Guitar Riffs

Once sweet and charming, this bodacious babe has a thorn in her side and a lust for blood! Armed with her guitar, she slices through the sonic waves to deliver vengeance to all deceivers and evil-doers while empowering those most vulnerable.

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