Cast of Characters

Their emblem is ShowMeGod, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection ... They are therefore Life, and Love

Militant Maidens

Professionals....The Maximum force of the Future unleashing agonizing Horror on a Screaming World!!! The Killing never stops. Hunting down their prey these girls obey no Rules. Chicks and Chills!!! with orders and Thrills!!! These girls get what they want when they want it!

The beginning of the end. Our time has run out. I don't think we can stay here much longer. Greed, corruption, deviant behavior... Abandoned  no laws. Insanity and sickness the norm. Morality has left these people. They have started to feed off each other. Sooner or later you have to come to the realization... WE ALL GOT LEFT BEHIND!

Something Dark! Something Deadly! Something Deranged! This city was the scene of an Unspeakable HORROR!! at night you can hear her cries of pain and anguish. The hardest part is the night. In the night hear their cries in the night... a vile disgusting place …poisoned... wretched. This city has no heart. No pulse. Do not let the DARKNESS SETTLE ON YOUR ASS!!! This is our city now. Claustrophobia, Disorientation, Hellucinations… Hotter Than the Devils Spit... Welcome To Hell! Welcome To Madness!! Welcome to Creepsville!!! Do you still cling to hope? you should abandon any such thought you started this fire you can burn in it...

please don't leave me here for them to kill me...

Somewhere in the distant future... It listens. It watches. It waits. half mortal…half demon…all crazy Show a little respect for the DeaD!

The terror has awakened...

Bing Bang Boom... the Devils in this room...

Let's start the show!

Pom Pom Girls of Horror High

As sensuous as they are savage, These girls don't live, these girls don't die. So Sexy, So Perverse. So Deadly,So Cursed.These girls don't live, these girls don't die. Cold, plastic, and hollow...empty inside. Hell-raising horror. So Go ahead and SCREAM!!! WHAM!!! BAM!!!!! HERE I AM!!!! Three Cheers... Lose Your Head...Three Cheers...Bitch Barbie is Dead!!!!

Dead Betties

Dead Betty! Dead Betty! Dead Betty’s Dead and Ready! Dead! Betty! Dead Betty!  Dead Betty's Dead and Ready! Cover you in blood..Cover you in kisses These 2 Bitches will keep you in stitches Dead Betty! Dead Betty! Dead Betty’s Dead and Ready! Is everybody ready? Is everybody ready? Here comes Dead Betty.